Better is one day in your courts.

At a point in my life I made a decision to leave an environment I felt was not conducive to where I wanted to go in future or what I felt God wanted me to do even with all the prestige that came with it. When I told the other party of my decision their response was somewhat interesting. It went something like 'You wont get this anywhere else'. Oh my! Maybe I had missed the second coming of Jesus on the earth?

There comes a time in our lives where we have to evaluate and evacuate all the things that will hinder our progress to where God wants us to be. The decision should not be based on how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel but rather that inner man that constantly screams 'this is not where I want you.'  At that point my dears it's time to exit.

People have a way of making you feel bad, trying to make you think they are the source of your living or that it is upon their favour you are where you are. They do not understand that even any help they gave you was God's desire to bless them and so you were actually the blessing to them.

Better is one day in your courts speaks to me of that place of contentment when you come to make those critical life decisions. Some were not easy and some were not pleasant but at the end you gave that big sigh of relief knowing you did the right thing at all costs. It could be that relationship you had to break off, or even those friends you had to disconnect from. It could even sometimes be that church you had to move away from. And yet even though to the human eye you appear to be far worse off, inside you you know......

'Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.'better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere'. Ps 84:10

Let's all learn to live daily in HIS COURTS

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Dont stop the flow!
Hinder not the spirit!
I am one of those people who prefer to listen to other peoples life stories and dramas, give my little contribution and off I go. I never pretend to know all the answers even to my kids and in fact the older I become, the wiser I become in knowing I know even less than I thought I knew I know.  (hope your brain is working overtime after that) 

It's way past bedtime and I just finished writing yesterdays blog and as I lay me down to sleep my mind was racing with all the extra things I could have and wanted to add to the blog I had just posted. Things to give it more meat and other angles and to stop the 'well actually what you wrote is not necessarily so' people. The other perspective just so people know what I am posting may not be final to their personal situation as they are my  personal revelations meant for who they are meant for. It may come in a due season for some people and for others it may just come across as irrelevant ramblings. Anyway, as I lay pondering on this I reminded myself, this is going on Facebook as well. Then the Holy spirit ministered to me 'don't stop the flow!'

One thing a few of my nearest and dearest said when I first started posting on FB (before the blog) was, 'it's too long for FB' so with that in mind I've tried to write on the notion that I need to limit my word count to suit the FB mind. Even with that in mind it still comes out waaay too long. 

What can I say? The graveyards are screaming out through being way too overfed with so much 'good stuff' people took to their graves in the name of conformity. We've got to find a way to let what is on the inside out. 

I believe in a time and a place for things but ....

When you are doing your thing, you've got to go for it how YOU are led. Yes, we have the norm, the usual way a thing is done but when you get the Holy Ghostitis, 'Don't stop the flow!' In all you do be God led and God conscious to the point of rebellion 'Against the establishment' if necessary. Our God is a God of order but He is definitely not a God of normality. He put it in you to bring it out.

So go for that bizzare enterprise. Do that crazy venture. Go all out but just 'Don't stop the flow!' There are times and seasons in life and there will come a time when the 'flow' itself will take a different dimension of it's own accord so whilst the iron is hot, keep on striking it no matter what 'they' tell you. You will breakthrough. 

Romans 8:14
For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

It's All about the DASH!

Spiritual ADD 
Technology of the modern day is so amazing and we must look on it in awe and respect for those who continue to search and research into new inventions for our benefit. I am sure we can testify that all our lives have been made a little easier in some shape or form by it. I love the fact I can just pick up a device, press some buttons and speak with people hundreds or even thousands of miles away when there is no physical link to the human eye. Then beyond that you are actually able to see that person on your phone. Another of my favourites is we can put in some letters/numbers and a device can direct us to a destination. Sometimes I don't think we can even begin to imagine the 'what's next'. Yet in all of this the bible tells us;

..Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.(John 1:3)

Can you fathom the mind of God? Unfortunately, as in everything in life, there can always be a down side. That old guy Satan, always has to try to 'stick his oar in' someway, somehow.

With all this technology, the human race, in particularly in the developed world, has come to expect everything at the click of a button. Blink and it's there. When I put my food in the microwave to warm, 2 minutes has now become like an era as I stand impatiently waiting. When the you tube video is buffering to load (probably in under 20 seconds), my disdain at my mobile network cannot be explained, whilst I make a mental note to switch networks when my contract is up for renewal. Now that's me who has known a time of no mobiles, no microwave ovens (i am still only 25 though), so has been gradually integrated into this current way of life so you can imagine when it comes to our kids and the younger generation, well..... All they have ever known and expect is this current way of life.

So what exactly is the downside? It is the fact this behaviour has transcended into our Christian life.   

I am guilty of the same at times. You know when you see that Christian Facebook post, you click on the 'read more' and then what you see in front of you appears like someone submitting their PHD Paper, and although you were really into the first few lines, you click that arrow, backwards, and say 'later'. (I know you do it on my blogs as well, lol). In reality, that piece would not take more than 5 minutes to read and could just possibly be what you need that day. Beloved Many of us have reduced the Almighty God to 200 characters or less. We expect instant results and instant growth. We only want the churches that promise the 'name it and claim it' theology, instant power, instant miracles. 

We have acquired spiritual ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).
Now hear the word of the Lord. God said he is still the saaammmme. 
'Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.' Heb 13:8

So, if you really want to get to know Him, it takes time. If you want to increase your faith, it takes time. If you want to understand His word it takes time. If you want a real and lasting relationship with Him it's going to take time. T.I.M.E. 

So in conclusion the absolute only cure to our Spiritual ADD is......Time!

Have a blessed day and spend some TIME in his presence today.

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When I first became a christian there was wind blowing and all of these 'spiritually mature' people would constantly ask me what my "calling" was. I always struggled to give an answer. Then they would say something like "well what are you passionate about?", and I still struggled to give an answer. Then it would be 'so what do you do easily?" Well ditto, same answer. In fact as we speak I still can't tell you into specifics as some people can say for instance, I've been called to minister to just women or I have a healing ministry and the such. So am I odd? Well I think we already established that fact. (Unique is the word) Lol. I guess my trouble is, I enjoy lots of things, I am usually quite passionate about lots of things (at least for a while) and I can usually do lots of things fairly easily once I get the hang of them. Now you see my dilemma? I find I am one of those people who gets bored easily doing just one thing over and over and so I like to do different things. You might remember my "OCD", I mean"USP' issue previously discussed (see message titled ...). I even get bored of my home decoration and feel the need to change things around about every year or so even if its just the cushions. 
Anyway, at a point in time I began to feel as though maybe I could not hear God like others or I was not spiritual enough and that was why I didn't know my calling. The 'pressure of the people' to give a text book polished answer came upon me even though truthfully, I didn't have one. People Pressure and People Pleasure can at times pigeon hole us into something we are not or have not been called to do as our final destination call. By People Pleasure I mean when you do something someone benefits from or enjoys, they can sometimes suggest this as your sole purpose in life. This is particularly common with those in authority over us.

Yes, I do definitely believe God has a specific purpose to calling and choosing each and everyone of us.

Bible says in 1 Cor 13:11. 
11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

This is my angle. Sometimes what we may zealously think we are called to do as a 'baby' christian is  not what we end up doing when we mature and we 'find ourselves'. As immature christians, especially in the charismatic arena of the church setting, we have such a zeal that we usually all just want some pulpit time. Time to be at the front where we can be seen and heard. When we grow and mature in God however, that should become secondary and service for his body should become the priority. Oh and don't think everyone currently at the front of every church is matured in God either. Maturing should mean less about us and more about getting His work done.  Seen or unseen. Titled or untitled. Don't get me wrong I have my days where recognition is very highly coveted but I am still a work in progress.  Ultimately, we have to say to ourselves that our God has the final say over our lives and will remove any hindering obstacles to our progress including people if necessary.

Now on to my two pence worth for todays life lesson.
I just want to say that whatever you are doing purposefully or have found yourself doing due to 'a gap in the God market' for God is valid and necessary for this time in your life. Yes, we must always pray for direction so we don't go off course but don't be overly concerned if you can't put it all together like a lovely business plan with cash flow forecasts. Just keep doing what you're doing but make sure you do it well. All things will be knit together for the master plan. Finally,don't allow people to pigeon hole you or put you in a box to suit their concepts and paradigms. By all means seek guidance from mentors but even they don't know it all. Any good mentor after giving practical help will ultimately direct you back to God for your own confirmation.  

In the words of our dear Fred Hammond I leave you singing:

"All things are working for me
Even things I cant see.
Your ways are so beyond me
But you said that you would, 
Let it be for my good 
So I'll trust and just believe"

(If you don't know the song just google it and be blessed!!)

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I guess what I am beginning to fear most is my 'oil well' drying up. That I will wake up one day, a week, and not have anything to say. Not get Holy Spirit inspiration to put anything down. I promised myself to do this blog daily which is quite a challenging task considering I am not just copying scriptures and I am a full time working mum, and for the most part I have kept it up. Sometimes I even get two pieces to write about. Placing a demand on myself is forcing me into a position where now my actions affect other people and I guess that's the part I am most wary of, not because I fear responsibility, but just because I would hate to disappoint. The most amazing thing is placing that high demand has caused me to step up a gear. Will I always hit my target? I pray so. Maybe. Maybe not, but at least I do have a target. 

In Heb 12:2(b) it says:
...He, for the joy [of obtaining the prize] that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising and ignoring the shame, and is now seated at the right hand of the throne of God... 
It's saying Christ had a goal and saw the prize which caused Him to endure everything else. Even Christ had a goal!

In life if we don' set goals for ourselves what are we aiming for? We cannot live day to day aimlessly and not place a demand on ourselves because that just kills the inner man's drive and motivation. So God said 'write the vision and make it plain so all who may see it will run with it.'(Habakuk 2:2). I believe that running includes ourselves as well as the others we inspire. I've had people come up to me saying they have been inspired to start writing themselves or do other things through these words. What a blessing! Up until now I have refrained from telling most people my daily goal just so they don't hold me to it. Well it's out now and on facebook. Lol

Beloved if by us fulfilling our vision, which incidentally is what we are here to do, others are spurred to do the same, is that not such a blessing to us? Will that not warrant God to ultimately say 'well done good and faithful servant...? In the same manner us doing nothing can be a vision killer for others. What you will find is when you are doing nothing with your life you will find it hard to motivate others in Godly words and deeds. I remember a time back (not too long ago either) where I felt in a very dry place. Yes, everyone saw me still going through the spiritual-looking motions but I knew I was dry. (We can be very good actors as Christians). My counsel became the counsel of intellect and logic and not spirit led or word led. I was at a place where only those close to me knew was not good. What triggered my attention to back then is how I even handle the exact same issues so differently now. How I find strength to handle situations more Godly. My pastor would say "be a Christian". It sounds silly and basic but is very deep in its content. That word actually helps me to do things so differently now and yes I have been a so called Christian for the last 20 odd years. 

Now the interesting thing is by starting to write it's causing something inside to stir. I really didn't even know I could write to touch others. I have never even tried before. Neither have I had the desire to be a writer but God knew and every situation and trial he has taken me through (and oh I have been through many real tough situations believe me) he knew that it would ultimately work for His glory because I truly do love the Lord and I am called;

'And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose' Romans 8:28

So beloved when we do nothing, we are in fact still doing something not just to ourselves but to others. You could be that inspiration to save that suicidal teenager. You could be the hope of the single mother at the end of her rope. You could be the link to restore that broken marriage. You could be the mentor for the wayward child. You could even just be the ray of sunshine to brighten up someones day. What you do matters. So let's at least do 'something' #AllabouttheDash

Is your luggage 10 kilos or 50?

Psalm 133 reads:
1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!
2 It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard,
running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe.
3 It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion.
For there the Lord bestows his blessing even life for evermore.

I would like to bring our attention to the last line of this scripture. 'For there the Lord bestows his blessing....'
Our churches today seem to concentrate on the 'what's in it for me' doctrine and rarely steer people in the direction of Godly character and integrity. How do you respond when that neighbour upsets you? Or someone crossed you at the traffic lights? i always say if you want to see a persons real character just sit in their car. Especially the 'spiritual ones.(yes, you know who you are.lool)

We cannot congregate together lifting our hands to God and yet be at 'war' with each other. Even with those outside church God said 'as far as lies with you be at peace with ALLLLL men', so how much more with the person standing under the same roof be it in the church room, your work or your home? I used to be one of those people who could hoooooold a grudge. Oh my Lord. In fact, I remember in the early days of marriage, if my husband upset me! How dare he! That sin was punishable by the silent treatment or one word answers for at least a week. Not until I felt ok would I talk properly. Wow! when I look back now. God really can change us! And I'm talking about after I was born again!

The blessings of God just cannot reside where there is strife. Yes, that person did you wrong and you thought they were your friend. Yes, they promised to love and protect you and now they have hurt you real bad. In fact even God will understand your stance, right? I'm so sorry to tell you but God really doesn't care much for hurt feelings. If he did, you definitely would not be alive today to feel hurt. The truth is we should forgive because we are forgiven and for our own sake. Anyway, why would you allow them to hurt you twice by losing your blessings as well? I am old enough to know it's not every relationship that can be restored to what it was but firstly remember the past and think through if it is worth saving. If it's not, then by all means move on but don't move on dragging them along with you. Sometimes when we fall out with people we are still trying to know their business. Secretly hoping they get some sort of punishment. God's Unity is firstly a condition of the heart and so is forgiveness. Let Go for God's sake. By sheer scientific logic travelling light will get you to your destination so much quicker than with lots of heavy baggage dragging you down. So you choose ye this day what you will carry. 10 kilos or 50?

Jesus said, 'My yoke is easy and my burden is light' (Matt. 11:30)

May His blessings be bestowed on us as we release everybody from our grip this day so we can travel light.

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If it doesnt tickle your fancy.....don't laugh.lool
As I've been writing no matter how many people have been coming up to me encouraging me, I still sometimes get that little voice in my head which tells me, its not good enough or, who is going to read it anyway? Well it came again yesterday morning as I stood on the platform waiting for my train. Then the Holy Spirit dropped in my spirit an oooold English expression I have not heard used for an age, "it wont tickle everybody's fancy." Meaning it won't be everyone's "cup of tea". It wont "float everyones boat". As I stood on the platform a big smile formed across my face and one of those "eureka!" moments happened. The penny dropped yet again and the Holy Spirit administered to me saying, "If it doesn't tickle your fancy, then don't laugh." Oh how I was laughing inside though.

I realise whatever we do in this world it cannot appeal to everybody. That is just GODs ordained way. He said in 1 Cor 12:4-6;

4 Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.5 And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.6 And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.

If it brings glory to His name it's the same spirit at work.(We all need to learn a lesson here and stop criticising based on personal taste). So when God places something on your heart don't worry if some criticise. Don't worry if some even press the dislike button. Your dream was not meant to administer to them.

Perhaps you have dropped some dreams because you felt no one would be interested or nobody showed any interest at the time. I can tell you now, a lack of interest was not the problem. Even Jesus was not received everywhere he went "but as many as received Him, to them He gave them power to become.......".(John 1:12) So the bible says in Matt 10:14

And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

Instead you have kept the dust on your dream? Today I my word to you is go shake the dust off the dream, remove it from the shelf and give it a gooood clean. Wherever it is not accepted, not embraced, shake the dust off only in that place for it would be wasted on them. The only thing wrong with it was that you administered to the wrong people. Perhaps you need some Holy Spirit direction or some professional help. Maybe you even need some more education about it or just seeking advice from people who have gone before you, but it's workable else God would not place it in you to bring Him glory.

My short word for today is just say to the nay sayers, "if it doesnt tickle your fancy, then....dont laugh." As long as it makes you laugh GO FOR IT!

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I was created to make His praise..... Great and Mighty

Thus saith the Lord the maker thereof, the Lord that formed it, to establish it; the Lord is his name; Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. (Jeremiah 33:2, 3 KJV)

Today's word to us is just so definitive and final!

Do you actually realise that every dream and passion burning inside you is not of your own engineering? Yes, the Lord himself formed you and then breathed the breath of life into you and that breath was not air just for air sake. How pointless would that be? No, that breath was a life giving spirit filled with your potentials, desires, dreams, purposes and destiny. 

Gen 2:7
7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

Maybe right now you are walking around alive to the naked eye and yet dead in your soul and spirit. You may think you don't even have any dreams to motivate you. You can just about think how to make it through the day? If you haven't found a purpose to your life yet but to work so you can barely scrape by, then He said 'call unto me'. Beloved calling God is not like calling a friend or spouse where they may or may not hear you, or they can pretend not to hear you if they think  you're going to place a demand on them. (You know those times.) It's not calling on a God who just wants to hear His name or likes the sound of your voice. We are assured it's not just a calling without guaranteed results as he said 'I will (in fact) ANSWER you!  And we all know HE CANNOT LIE. He doesn't even stop there, HE said, (not me), He is about to blow your mind and 'show you GREAT and MIGHTY things'.

If the life we are living today is any thing short of GREAT and MIGHTY some of us need to get on the line pronto and start calling unto Him some more. Keep on calling until you see GREAT and MIGHTY established, for that is what He breathed in you. Now here's the best bit. HE said 'which thou knowest not'. My goodness! It means if you can think of it in your mind then the thought is too small for what he has planned . However big and challenging you thought that dream was, IT'S still TOO SMALL because you know of it.

I'm soooo excited about  life right now. 

 I don't know about you and maybe right now you've lost His direct dial because you got too busy with your 'LIFE'. So which life is that exactly? The same one He made and formed and breathed in you? If that's the case you are missing a vital point to the word life and who it belongs to. It says 'HE formed it to Establish it.' It also means you don't really need to stress or think twice about IF you can make it. It's going to BE, just because.

Note to self: In placing that call it's not supposed to be for the establishment of fine cars and houses but for the establishment of purpose. Why he formed YOU! For GREAT and MIGHTY THINGS. The rest is just a bonus.#allabouttheDASH!
I have my own insecurities just like the next person. Yes, I get pangs of jealousy. I sometimes feel as though I don't like people I don't even know. I even secretly sometimes get the "I told you so" pomposity over peoples ill, especially when I had predicted that would be the result of a wrong path I felt they were taking. (Can I get a witness?) Oh yes, even sweet, innocent looking, spiritual me. Lol.Then after these thoughts and feelings besiege me oh how I wish I didn't have to go through that mental battle of choosing to do and think right once I come to my Godly senses. It's not that I desire or invite them after all. 
In learning about the grace of God, a great teacher made us to understand Grace as being the supply of God himself, to meet His standards, to enable Him to justify us even in our mess. I am therefore kept humble knowing how susceptible I am to sinful thoughts and sinful deeds thereby warranting the wrath of God but for His Grace and justification. I realise our frailty as mere human beings and wonder how we can sometimes think of ourselves to be doing 'better' than others in this christian journey. Ok, so you may not be fornicating or doing outward acts people can see and judge you by, but perhaps the thoughts that run through your mind or heart, even for those few moments, are even more deadly. Or perhaps you are one of those who is constantly wishing yourself ill harm? It's just as bad and yet Grace elevates each of us his elect and puts us on a level pegging with Jesus as co-heirs. So Grace does not need your approval to be at work. You can't even try to obtain Grace. It just is and you've just got to accept it.  In all this grace that daily abounds we have to thank God that He still loves us enough to convict us of sin. We should thank God that our conscience has not become so seared that we see wrong as right. We should thank God that His grace enables us not to give sin a seat on our sofa when he decides to come knocking on our door. For the problem of sin we face is not in the inadequacy of Grace but in our taking it for granted. Like any relationship we can become over familiar to the point we no longer see the need to acknowledge the presence of the other party. From today let's learn to daily thank him for His AMAZING GRACE that abounds to us.#AllabouttheDash
Just do it!
This morning in seeking inspiration to do the things I know I need to  do, I realise
every time I write something down, I read over it  thinking, "I wish I was more
eloquent, had more command of the language  so I could write, you know, those
kind of writings which tell you there  is English and there is ENGLISH. Then my
mind went to on a young lady  friend who has a fashion site. Every time she puts up a post,
there is just something about it that touches you.  As it goes, she in no way fits the perfect
fashion model stereo type.  Not a size 0, not 5ft 8, does not have the picture perfect
features, but nonetheless, she models everything herself, and always attracts so
many likes and comments its inspiring. Then the famous scripture came to  mind
"God chose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise." 1 Cor l:27.
Then the penny dropped and something clicked yet again, that  its the anointing
that makes the difference. In fact if you had  perfection of whatever you are
trying to achieve where is the room for  God to get the glory? Indeed, if you go
to school and study to get your  medical licence, pass your exams and then
become a doctor, what is so  unique and testimonial about it? The testimony is
in that you did not  qualify for the best and yet you received it by grace
through faith. So, this morning if you are feeling like you are not good enough
for  whatever is inside of you wanting to come out, I say this to you "JUST  DO
IT!" God gets all the more pleasure by making an open show of the  enemy when
every natural reality around you says it is impossible, God  is saying
I'm-possible. x